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The My Online Vault consortium consists of three renowned companies; Unisys Payment Services & Solutions (UPSS), SecureDD and The Future Group (TFG).

Our collaboration arose because we started talking to each other around the theme of the digital vault. In that process we concluded that we, as three parties involved, can jointly realize a good and solid digital safe proposition. In fact; the basis for this is already there!

For the rollout of My Online Vault, we are in talks with appealing parties who can each offer My Online Vault to their own customer base from their own position.

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Unisys has its own, well-secured, data center. We are processing paper payment transactions for the Dutch major Banks and two Belgium Banks. We also host transaction based payments for several other international Banks.

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SecureDD currently supplies hundreds of thousands of safes to various parties in the insurance and pension industry.

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TFG is the largest network in the Netherlands of independent IT professionals.

Unisys designs, builds and manages business-critical IT environments for organizations and government in which the quality and continuity of service is their top priority. In collaboration with our customers and partners, we ensure operational efficiency, reduced complexity and increased productivity.

Unisys selects “best of breed” solutions and our strength is to bring these (technical) parties together and let them operate as one face towards the customer.

We believe that all companies and organizations should be able to exchange information in a safe, secure and hassle-free manner without fear that the data will end up in the wrong hands.

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Access to your My Online Vault environment is extremely well secured. The Unisys Stealth Identity technology is used for this.

Stealth Identity provides authentication, validation and a secure connection and monitors and takes care of the issued authorizations.

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Our identity is one of our most precious assets. Identity fraud is the order of the day.

The biometrics with Stealth Identity provides a secure, friction-free identification experience.

For more detailed information see:

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SecureDD believes that all companies and organizations should be able to exchange information in a safe, secure and hassle-free manner without fear that the data will end up in the wrong hands.



With SecureDD it is also possible to organize your files and easily share them with others. This can be done by giving permission to use a file from your environment or by sending a link with a file of yourself to be downloaded or a request to securely send a file to your digital safe. This exchange facility is very useful if you regularly want to upload / download files (for example: pay slips, copy of passport, copy of bank statements, etc.) in a secure manner, whereby you are sure that the other person is the person for which it is intended. All steps in your digital safe, including these file exchanges, are logged and can serve as legal evidence.

For more information visit our website:

SECUREDD solution


SecureDD is convinced that everyone should be able to securely store and share personal data and documents with third parties. With our personal Cloud solution you have control over all personal data, such as contracts, passport, will, Facebook data, financial transactions and medical data. In addition, you can give permission to third parties to use files for purposes that are important to you.

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The Future Group is one of the largest IT organizations in the Netherlands with some 350 independent professionals. Our IT professionals have joined forces in partnerships covering more than 20 areas of expertise. As a client you get the best of both worlds. You hire an independent professional who has experience, expertise and an independent drive to make projects successful. But behind this independent professional is a stable organization that ensures that the collaboration runs flawlessly and smoothly.

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We believe that individuals, companies and organizations should be able to exchange information in a safe and trouble-free manner without fear of it ending up in the wrong hands.

For more information visit our website:

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